Monday, February 1, 2010

aBoUt mE

My name is Mohd Hafidzullah bin Mohamad, the hidden meaning of my name Hafidzullah means protected by Allah it self from bad behavior god willing, if I don’t make a mistake. I got my name from my late grandmother and my date of birth is 26 February 1989. That’s mean in 2010 I will be twenty one years of age.. My blog title is 116 Jengka thats a place where i am born at.Actually the house is own by my late grandmothers, there is a lot of memoirs started at the home.That why i choose adress of my late grandmother house as a title for my blog.For all information my family still live at my late grandmothers house till this day .Its will always reminds me about my root forever.

I was born in a middle class family and I have one elder brother, one elder sister, a younger brother and two younger sisters, it can be said that I am the third of six children.My father works as a farmer at smk ulu jempol and my mother is a teacher at smk jengka . My mother names is Zabidah Binti Mat Amin and my fathers name is Mohamad Bin Mat Nor and both of my parents are born in Kelantan Darul Naim. I grew up in Jengka Six at Pahang, even though I was born in Pahang I don’t know how to speak in a Pahang state accent, I am rather more to the Kelantan accent. I hope after this my friends will never ask me why its like that because I will always remember my roots till this day and I am really proud because I was born as a grandson of the Kelantan state. The reason why I said grandson is because my parents are originally from Kelantan, my mother was born at Bachok while my father was born at Kota Bharu.

Since I was child, I was very addicted to have a collection of toys. I have many type of toys and I would play with my other friends at my house compound, I really enjoyed that moment because at that time I feel like there’s no problems to think about and how to solve it. In all seriousness I add that very moment as my best childhood experience, even though it has passed away seventeen years ago. I really enjoy fishing as my hobby. I started it when I was growing up with my friends and I really enjoyed the moment when fishing. I like to eat what we call “ketupat sotong” when I am in my hometown in Kelantan. It’s so delicious and I would always ask my mum to make it for me. Since I was child I grew up at a place where all my neighbors are teachers , it’s a boring place to stay at because, its far away from my friends house during that time. After my grandmother pass away, we moved from that place to our late grandmother’s house. It’s more comfortable to stay at my grandmother’s house because it’s much bigger than our house that we left.

I get my first education at sk jengka six primary school. My days at the sk jengka six is more easier because my mother works at the school. When it is recesses my mother will always wait me at the canteen and asks me what kind of foods I want to eat. It seems like I am quite homesick talking about all this. It’s so funny that I remind myself about my past but trust me, I am not the same since standard one, back then I have many friends and I still do and now I have grown up into an adult. I finished my primary school, standard six with 1A, 3B’s and a C. The C I got was in a mathematics subject when taking my UPSR examinations. After primary school I continued my studies into secondary school at smk jengka six and I still remember I was in form 1 bestari when I started.

When chaninging from primary to secondary all my friends were in another class so I got separated from them because they were in 1 Amanah. Since then I started to study much harder even though I was lazy sometimes, I thank god I was moved during form 2 with my friends. At the end of secondary school, I did my SPM examination and I got embarrassing results. I really regret it because; I did not pay hard attention in class. After finishing form six at smk jengka two, here I am at Universiti Tekologi Mara Shah Alam studying communication and media studies. I got a lot of friends at UiTM Shah Alam and almost all of them are kind people especially my roommates and classmate members.


  1. yeah apik. i'm sure i'm very kind.. nice post anyway. You know, before i went to Dungun to further my study, i heard rumours that Kelantonese and Terangganese are racist. They said people from east coast is very racist and hardly to make friends. My experience is totally different!! my roomate is the best friend i ever had. He's from Kota Bharu. Not just him, i met lot of people from Kelantan and terengganu. So, rumours is wrong and i believe friendship will not judge by which state you belong. Nice introduction bro. bye

  2. I was really enjoyed reading your first entry. at least I can identify yourself with more closely. I am proud with the attitude that you do not forget your origins with pride. I really agree with the comment given by Mohd Zikri that "friendship will not judge by which state you belong" because for me friendship can only be assessed with sincerity and honesty in person.

  3. When i was in my first semester in biology,i also experienced the same thing. People talk about how your origins will shape your group of friends. Even though there are some truth in it, but personally i think that those people from east coast get along with others very well,just as well as with their countryman. Moreover i also find that most of them are very friendly and easy going. So the issue about being racist is an isolated cases. Nice post apik. Sincere and funny :)